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As schools and school districts continue to adopt and realize the benefits of our mobile sports information desk model, a key attribute is the inclusion of our in-app messaging tool.   For both the MSID Coach App and custom school app, the in-app messaging tool provides coaches, athletic directors and the school community an easy to use, internal messaging system to improve communication, provide value-added services to the school community and grow fundraising revenue.  In a recent study about consumer mobile engagement, Localytics states that, “those with in-app messages now see 46% of their users come back 11 or more times, while apps that do not incorporate an in-app strategy see that number drop to 36%.”   MSID agrees with this premise and believes that each school will see a significant app usage and engagement.

Providing relevant, value-added sponsorship messages is a major factor in MSID’s model.  With over 25 years of media sales experience, Nick Cavarra, Co-Founder of MSID, knows with 100% certainty that the right message, delivered to the right audience delivers the desired results!  “I am thrilled with our ability to deliver a relevant ad or coupon targeted specifically toward a school community or athletic event.  Our in-app messaging service works off triggers so that we can deliver a timely or geo-targeted coupon to a family lets say right after a football game to stop in a local restaurant and receive a buy one get one free piece of pie.  Who would not like that!!   But the great thing about this is that the school also financially benefits from that rich media ad.  A win for the restaurant, a win for the school and a win for the family that enjoys a post-game piece of pie.”


Out of Home (OOH) digital services such as MSID are seeing tremendous growth.  Schools that join MSID gain access for their coaches to the MSID Coach app their very own customized school app.  For more information, please contact Nick Cavarra (303) 886-5538 or Larry Dukes (410)804-4649.