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What MSID Provides to Schools

Improve communication with ease – paid for by LOCAL sponsors

Mobile Sports Information Desk (MSID) provides a centralized digital news hub developed exclusively to assist athletic directors in communicating scores, updates and highlights for all high school sports.  MSID focuses on “Keeping It Simple”. Through the MSID Coach app, coaches submit game information to our sports information desk. MSID creates snippets or what we call “Sport Shorts” and sends them to Athletic Directors to approve.  Then, MSID delivers the message out to the local community utilizing tools such as the school’s NEW mobile sports app and customized sports web pages, and all required & desired media outlets.  Our #1 Goal is to EASE Athletic Director pain and workload by creating an easy-to-use centralized mobile hub that gathers game information, news and updates from all school sport activities and report that as news back to the local school community.

MSID Funding program provides schools with a “Turnkey Solution” to significantly increase school athletic budgets.  As parents and also high school coaches, we see first-hand the drastic need to assist all school sports with raising money.  Across the U.S., school budgets are being slashed or remaining stagnant.  In addition to the Mobile Sports Information Desk, schools immediately begin raising additional athletic funds through the MSID Funding Program – An innovative way to offset the school’s MSID costs and increase funding for school sports programs.

MSID Funding works with local sponsors that want to give back to their school(s) and support their local community.  MSID assigns a lead rep and sales support team for your school.  The team designs and builds out a customized “Media Kit” for your school that provides various levels of sponsorship support offers and what potential sponsors receive each month.  Once a sponsor agrees to the level they wish to support, the MSID team works closely with the sponsor to design and build the ad creatives, coupons and special offers they will provide the local community.  MSID funding manages and tracks all of the sponsorship programs and provides progress reports to both the school and the sponsors.  Schools earn a monthly commission check from MSID which provides the ability to grow the schools sports budget month after month. At the end of the day the service pays for itself and then some!  Additionally, local school sponsors are thrilled to support their local school and not just with a donation, but through a value-added, strategic way to also grow their local business!